Accounts Integration with EPOS Systems

EPOS Systems and Tills


Relevant to You

With businesses like restaurants and pubs posting their financial position into Sage then it presents a few unique challenges, not least that you can often see huge swings in the differences between what has been sold during a day and what has actually been paid for during the same period; hospitality businesses often run bar tabs, hotel rooms and leave balances open on tables. Our software deals with these nuances.


Our Sage Line 50 integration can be used for either posting customer invoices which enables customer sales processed at the till system to automatically create invoices and appear on customer statements within Sage, or it can be used for posting end of day financial totals.

Integration with all the main Accounts Packages

No more inaccurate entries, our software integrates with the main accounts packages, including:

  • Sage 50 and Sage 200
  • Opera
  • Pegasus
  • Iris
  • Access

Reduce Administration

Secure and seamless links mean there is no longer a need to re-key information into your accounts package or manually enter purchase orders as these are sent automatically into your accounts package.

Purchase Orders

Orders and deliveries are raised through the back office systems and details sent to your accounts package upon completion for invoice and payment reconciliation.

Transactional Data

Individual or batch transactions are passed to your accounts package to the configured nominal, tax and banking codes.

Customer and Supplier Records

Manage customer and supplier records through your accounts package and sync with both back office and EPOS systems.