Customer Loyalty Systems

EPOS Systems and Tills


Quickly analyse your customers' habits

You'll know what they bought and you'll be able to identify trends. That means you'll be able to work out what they're likely to buy in the future and create offers that are relevant to them, making sure they return... again and again.

Open doors

Our software is perfect for managing members-only loyalty schemes because you can upload a picture of your customer. Display it alongside their details including information about how they use your business. In an exclusive club, for restricted gym membership, or with members-only rooms and services, LBS Loyalty combined with a membership card or fob can open doors when you need them to be open and keeps them shut when you don't.

Points mean prizes

Implement a points system - how you do it is up you. Monitor how things are going as our software clearly displays your current points liability. Because it's so simple to set up you can ....

  • Build a customer database and email customers
  • Use points to sell products that aren't moving fast enough
  • When points aren't used encourage customers to use them up
  • Defer discounts to customers
  • Spend points over multiple businesses
  • Restrict schemes with annual/monthly/weekly expiry dates