EPOS Till Software for Shops and Retail

EPOS Systems and Tills



Many methods of staff identification ensure that you know that the correct person was using the till at the time indicated. Full Stock Control means you are able to keep track of what should be in stock allowing you to easily identify what and how much has left the building without being put through the till system.

In-Store Promotions

A multitude of mix and match promotion types can be handled and the system can automatically end them with a built in end date. The EPoS system can automatically prompt with Age Challenge on selected products and record the result on the electronic journal.

Integration with Scales and Barcode Scanners

Our software has UK Weight & Measures approval to be used with our electronic scales for selling fresh produce. Barcode scanners speed up throughput and reduce mistakes.

Complete Stock Management

Accurately manage stock from the point of order through to sale and every step in between. Allowing you to control stock ordering, stock taking and stock valuations from a single location.

Maintain Products

Adjust pricing and add new products through any EPOS till point in a matter of seconds right from the sales screen.

Screen Designs

Fully flexible screen designs allow you to adjust the layout and colours to suit your wants and needs.

Prints shelf labels and barcode labels

Print shelf edge labels and bar code product labels directly from the till or back office PC.

CCTV Journal Overlay

This gives you the option of having CCTV film the point of sale counter whilst recording till activity overplayed on the video footage.

Upsell with built in prompts

Have the software prompt your staff to upsell or challenge ages, just at the right time.

Stock Control

Reduce stock in real time every time a product is sold through any EPOS till point, allowing you to stay in control and reduce stock wastages.

Customers and Loyalty

A range of in-built loyalty schemes allow you to track information and spending patterns whilst rewarding customers with an incentive to make sure they keep coming back - see more .

Cash Declaration for managers

Cut down on fraud - the manager has to count the money in the drawer and tell the till how much is there before and end of day report can be run (optional).

Cloud EPOS Systems

Manage your system from any web enabled device as sales information is uploaded to our cloud EPOS systems in real-time, giving you up to the minute information - see more .

Meal deal promotions

Many promotion types can be handled and the system can automatically end them with a built in end date.

Customer accounts

Customer accounts can be managed with credit limits managed by group.