Online Table Booking with EPOS Integration

EPOS Systems and Tills


Integrates directly with our EPOS systems

You only need a website and broadband - view bookings at the till, on the office PC, or remotely from any web-enabled device. Featuring a standard floor plan editor that automatically updates your website. Make the software look as unique as your restaurant.


It won’t allocate that tiny table in the corner to a party of six. It automatically allocates tables based on the number of guests. For the diners who book over the phone, or who walk in without a reservation, the system allows front of house staff to allocate tables at the till, updating the floor plan accordingly.
The system doesn’t stop taking bookings when your kitchen is shut and it doesn’t panic when the dinner rush starts, accepting online bookings while you’re open and continuing to do so long after the ovens cool down.

Smartphone Friendly

Optimised for mobile devices, reservations can be made on the move. Home or away, customers are sent email confirmation.

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